Monika Kralicek is an independent artist living and working in Portland, Oregon.

Originally from Eastern Washington, she spent years traveling across the US and abroad before returning to the Pacific Northwest. Monika has pursued art her entire life but forewent a formal education in favor of hands on experience and exploring her creative limits independently. She views being self-taught as an advantage as it allows her the freedom to set her own curriculum, dedicating herself to a mindset of life long learning, and challenging her to work harder.

In 2016 Kralicek began a daily painting practice during which she translated small abstract sketches into larger landscapes. The intent was to renew familiar scenes, approaching each horizon based on an experience or mood. The resulting work is a growing collection of earth toned impressions layered with texture and energetic brush strokes.

"I'm building a language for myself... It's about the experience of a moment, captured in a landscape. Rather than focus on the fine detail, I want to echo the overall memory... That's what you carry with you when leave a place."

Monika Kralicek's work is internationally published and has been represented by local galleries. Her paintings are held in private collections all over the world.


Most often my landscapes are not specific locations but rather a combination of many different scenes. They are a translation of both the physical space and the experience.