MAGNIFIED TERRAIN, 30x48 inches Acrylic on Canvas

MAGNIFIED TERRAIN, 30x48 inches Acrylic on Canvas


So many evolutions to this piece... Started in March of 2018, It began based off a sketch of magnified terrain lines from when I traveled to Yosemite last summer. The lines stretched from the bottom of the left to the top of the right and after a session or two I leveled the lines and formed a horizon... then mountains grew and a Portrait of a Landscape formed... a vignette of many different places I’ve been to and think of going....

This is how most of my pieces come to be and why I paint slowly. Painting landscapes makes me think about how scenes linger in the mind, bring us comfort and teach us to look closer, transporting us to destinations and memories. Allowing the painting to change completely from what I originally intended is part of the organic process.

This work is about the memory and experience of being in a place. Ambiguous, serene, contemplative.

Painting wraps around the sides. Artist signature on front. Signed, dated, titled on back.

30x48x1.5 inches artist's acrylics on canvas

Any difference in estimated and actual shipping charges will be invoiced or refunded separately. Depending on location, this painting will be removed from it’s stretcher bars and shipped rolled. It can easily be re-stretched and be ready to hang.

Screens tend to display color differently so check images on multiple screens. If you are concerned about color variations please email me to request additional photos.  I try my best to represent the colors and texture in my work as accurately and honestly as possible.

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